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GoodTummy IgY Hyperimmune Egg - 140 Grams

GoodTummy IgY Hyperimmune Egg - 140 Grams

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WE NOW HAVE LOW INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! GoodTummy contains Muno-IGY, protein antibodies that enter the gut and supports the rejection of harmful bacteria and pathogens. Great for kids and older adults for tummy support to support the reduction of the "Inflammation Cascade" when eating. Also supports endurance levels, digestive function, joint health and more energy. Supports immune prevention of normal "Seasonal Issues". 100% Natural, Gluten Free. Hyperimmune Egg - Bulk IgY Max Egg Powder With Scoop.

This is loose Hyperimmune Egg powder specially developed with antibodies that support the natural rejection of many food pathogens. Kids take this daily to support having a good tummy at all times. Use the powder to create powerful shakes or add to salads and regular foods.

We Suggest You buy 4 or More Containers Today. It Takes A While To Restock This Great Product When We Run Out. Take Advantage Of The Great Product While Supplies Last! GoodTummy is recommended for kids from 9 to 190 years old. It completely supports active kids having a good tummy while traveling and eating out.

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