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X500: Pure Resveratrol 500mg - Pure Trans-Resveratrol

X500: Pure Resveratrol 500mg - Pure Trans-Resveratrol

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IN STOCK. New label (not shown). 500 mg per serving - 30 Capsules - Made In The USA with Herbal Plant Extracted 99% Purity Resveratrol. RevGenetics Resveratrol has been used in two double-blind placebo human studies. Resveratrol has been shown to activate Sirtuins, which provide many cellular benefits*. RevGenetics has made this 99% Pure MicroResveratrol available as a dietary supplement. The same resveratrol used for Orgonica is used in the X500.

MicroResveratrol™ 500mg - Pure Trans-Resveratrol *Meets The Same MicroResveratrol™ (Micronized Resveratrol) PCOS Study Standards We Helped Sponsor (Link) (Trans-Resveratrol) Pure resveratrol activates SIRT1, SIRT2, SIRT4, SIRT5, Fox01, P53, and many other longevity genes. This is Pure Resveratrol in Vegetarian Capsules For Best Absorption.